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Svetlana Kotochigova

Research Professor of Physics,

Department of Physics Temple University


1925 N. 12th Street, SERC

Philadelphia, 19122-1801, USA



Phone: 1-215-204-3877

Curriculum Vitae


Temple University, Physics Department, Research Professor  


Temple University, Physics Department, Associate Professor



National Institute of Standards & Technology, Research Associate

Recent Selected Publications

T. Maier, H. Kadau, M. Schmitt, M. Wenzel, I. Ferrier-Barbut, T. Pfau, A. Frisch, S. Baier, K. Aikawa, L. Chomaz, M. J. Mark, F. Ferlaino, C. Makrides, E. Tiesinga, A. Petrov, and S. Kotochigova,

Emergence of Chaotic Scattering in Ultracold Er and Dy,

Phys. Rev. X 5, 041029 (2015).


A. Frisch, M. Mark, K. Aikawa, S. Baier, R. Grimm, A. Petrov, S. Kotochigova, G. Qumner, M. Lepers, O. Dulieu, and F. Ferlaino, Ultracold Dipolar Molecules Composed of Strongly Magnetic Atoms,

Phys. Rev. Lett. 115, 203201 (2015).


S. Kotochigova,

Controlling interactions between highly magnetic atoms with Feshbach resonances,

Rep. Prog. Phys. 77, 093901 (2014).


A. Khramov, A. Hansen, W. Dowd, R. J. Roy, C. Makrides, A. Petrov, S. Kotochigova, and S. Gupta,

Ultracold Heteronuclear Mixture of Ground and Excited State Atoms,

Phys. Rev. Lett. 112, 033201 (2014).


A. Frisch, M. Mark, K. Aikawa, F. Ferlaino, J. L. Bohn, C. Makrides, A. Petrov, and S. Kotochigova,

Quantum chaos in ultracold collisions of gas-phase erbium atoms,

Nature 507, 477 (2014).


W. G. Rellergert, S. T. Sullivan, S. J. Schowalter, S. Kotochigova, K. Chen, and E. R. Hudson,

Evidence for sympathetic vibrational cooling of translationally cold molecules,

Nature 495, 490 (2013).


A. Petrov, C. Makrides, and S. Kotochigova,

External eld control of spin-dependent rotational decoherence of ultracold polar molecules,

Molecular Physics 111, 1731 (2013).

PhD in Physics and Mathematics

Saint Petersburg University, Russia




Elected Fellow of the American Physical Society



Editor of Frontiers in Physical Chemistry and Chemical Physics (FPCCP)


Member of the Editorial Board of FPCCP


Active referee for Physical Review Letters, Physical Review A, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, New Journal of Physics, and Journal of Chemical Physics.

Fellow of the American Physical Society and member of the Topical Few-Body Group of the APS.

Membership of Professional Bodies
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