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Invited Talks

"Interaction anisotropy and chaos in collisions of ultra-cold highly-magnetic atoms",

Pacifichem Conference 2015, December 19, 2015, Honolulu.


"Motional and vibrational cooling of molecular ions with cold and highly-polarizable atoms",

Workshop "Hybrid Atomic Quantum Systems", September 28-30, 2015, Hamburg, Germany.


"Quantum chaos and quantum magnetism with ultracold magnetic atoms",

Workshop "Quantum Many-Body Systems Far From Equilibrium", March 9-13, 2015, Stellenbosch University, South Africa.


"Interaction anisotropy and chaos in collisions of ultracold highly-magnetic atoms",

Colloquium at University of South Alabama, April 16, 2015, USA.


"Long-range Universality and Chaos in Ultracold Collisions of the Highly Magnetic Atoms",

INT workshop, April 24, 2014, Seattle, USA.


"Electromagnetic-field control of the atom-ion charge exchange reaction",

Wilhelm and Else Heraus Seminar 557, March 27-29, 2014, Germany.


"Spin-dependent control of ultracold polar molecules in combined fields",

Max-Planck-Institute and LMU Colloquium, March 24, 2014, Munich, Germany.


"Controlling the anisotropic interactions  of highly magnetic atoms via Feshbach resonances",

November 4, 2013, Granada, Spain.


"Anisotropy in action. Collisional properties of ultracold Dysprosium and Erbium atoms",

Colloquium at CSI, October 30, 2013, Madrid, Spain.


"Properties of ultracold polar molecules and highly-magnetic atoms relevant for many-body physics",
Workshop "Finite temperature and low energy effects in cold atomic and molecular few - and many - body systems", March 25-27, 2013, ITAMP Cambridge, USA.

"Spin-dependent control of ultracold polar molecules in combined fields",
Workshop "Fundamental Science and Applications of Ultracold Polar Molecules", January 21 to February 8, 2013, KITP, Santa Barbara, USA.

"Controlling ultracold collisions of highly magnetic atoms with Feshbach resonances",
November 18-23, 2012, Obergurgl, Austria.

"Reactive collisions and interactions of ultracold dipolar molecules",
European Conference on the Dynamic of Molecular Systems (Molec 2012), September 9-14, 2012, Oxford, UK.

"Controlling ultracold magnetic atoms in optical potentials with Feshbach resonances",
International Workshop on Laser Physics, July 23-27, 2012, Calgary, Canada.

"Ab initio study of heavy molecular ions",
Molecular Ion Workshop, March 4-6, 2012, Atlanta, USA.

"Chemical reactions with ultracold polar molecules",
ITAMP Workshop "Fundamental Science with Ultracold Molecules", September 26 to October 8, 2011, Harvard University, USA

"Precision control of ultracold molecules in optical potentials",
ITAMP Workshop "Fundamental Science with Ultracold Molecules", September 26 to October 8, 2011, Harvard University, USA.

"Anisotropy in interactions of ultracold atoms and molecules",
Cold Molecule Workshop, November 7-11, 2011, NITHeP, South Africa.

"Formation and control of ultracold polar molecules in optical potentials",
Yale University Colloquium, April 11, 2010, USA

"Developing new sources of ultracold molecules",
Ultracold Group II Atoms: Theory and Applications Workshop, September 17-19, 2009, University of Maryland, USA

"Isotropic and anisotropic short-range interactions of ultracold polar molecules",
Colorado Cold Molecule Workshop, July 15-17, 2009, JILA, Colorado, USA.

"What we need to know about ultracold polar molecules",
CUA Seminar, March 17, 2009, Harvard, MIT, USA.

"Vibrationally-dependent interactions of cold polar molecules",
ICTP: Workshop on Quantum Phenomena and Information: From Atomic to Mesoscopic Systems, Italy, 2008.

"Vibrational dependence of collisional and field-induced interactions of cold molecules",
NIST Colloquium, Gaithersburg, Maryland, USA, 2008.

"Effects of collisions and optical lattice fields on ultracold molecules",
Stony Brook University Colloquium, Stony Brook, New York, USA, 2008.

"New theoretical findings on cold molecules in optical lattices",
DAMOP International Conference, Calgary, Canada, 2007.

"Tunable interactions between polar molecules in optical lattices",
International Conference on Few-Body Systems, Cuernavaca, Mexico, 2007.

"Ultracold molecules in optical lattices",
DARPA Workshop: Optical Lattice Simulator, Arlington, USA, 2006.

"Engineering ultracold polar molecules by using optical lattices and microwave fields",
US-Japan Joint Seminar on Coherent Quantum Systems, Breckenridge, USA, 2006.

"Relativistic study of X-ray spectra of few-electron ions",
International Workshop on Precision Physics of Simple Atomic Sysytems, Venice, Italy, 2006.

"Controlling polar molecules in optical lattices",
DARPA workshop: Quantum Computing with Polar Molecules, Arlington, USA, 2005.

"Ab initio study of polar molecules in optical lattices",
International Workshop on Theory of Ultracold Molecules, Telluride, USA, 2005.

"Creating polar molecules in optical lattices",
Yale University Colloquium, USA, 2005.

"Ab initio study of the spin-orbit coupling in alkali metal dimers",
International Workshop on Molecular Spectroscopy, Stony Brook, USA, 2005.

"Relativistic study of atoms, ions and molecules",
Naval Research Laboratory - Plasma Branch. Washington DC, USA, 2005.

"Photoassociative formation of ultracold polar KRb molecules",
Joint Workshop on Ultracold Polar Molecules: Formation and Collisions, Cambridge, MA, USA, 2004.

"Photoassociative formation of stable ultracold polar molecules",
University of Connecticut Colloquium, USA, 2004.

"Formation of dipolar molecules in optical lattices",
Joint Atomic Physics Colloquium, Harvard University, MA, USA, 2003.

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