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Sympathetic Cooling of Neutral and Ionic Molecules 

We develop theoretical and practical models of efficient sympathetic cooling of molecules by collisions  with laser-cooled and highly-polarizable atoms.

Molecular dynamic polarizability

We calculate the near-infrared dynamic polarizability of various rotational levels of the alkali-metal molecules and suggested their "magic" trapping conditions in optical potentials.

Current Research Projects

Interaction of molecules

We calculate inelastic collisional rates of ultracold RbCs molecules that accurately reproduce the experimentally observed rates.

Molecular electronic properties

We performed detailed electronic structure calculations of various homonuclear and heteronuclear molecules that are of interests of ultracold experiments.

Molecules for precision measurements

We propose precision measurements of fundamental constants using ultracold molecules in an optical lattice.

Hydrogen and highly-charged ions

We provided precise total energies and transition frequencies for hydrogen and deuterium atoms in a wide range of the principle quantum number using extended quantum electrodynamics and relativistic corrections. We applied relativistic formalism to calculate emission  spectra of highly-charged Fe ions.


Atom-Ion Charge-Exchange Reactions

We study atom-ion charge-exchange reactions induced by an external laser field using a dressed-molecule approach.

Conical Intersections

Control of Ultracold Chemical Reactions Through Conical Intersection 

Controlling Polar Molecules

Trapping conditions for ultracold polar molecules by laser beams when static electric and magnetic fields are applied. 

Ultracold Chemical Reactions

Computation of potential energy surfaces of few-atom molecules and the reactivity in ultracold atom-dimer collisions.

Magnetic Lanthanides

Simulation of Feshbach resonances of ultra cold collisions of erbium and dysprosium.

Association of molecules

We search for efficient and practical mechanisms of photoassociative production of ro-vibrationally cold alkali-metal molecules.

Previous Research Projects

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